Police Unions Say Updated Tactical Gear Needed

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After the many, many stories of mass shootings and brutal attacks against police forces and the public alike, police unions have renewed their adamant call for updated tactical gear. Their thought is if the criminals have better and more dangerous equipment than the police charged with defending the people against them, how can anyone expect police to remain safe and ensure the safety of the people?

The backlash against anyone in the country, especially police after all of the claims of police brutality, having assault grade weapons or equipment, it is understandable that people would be wary against approving an upgrade in dangerous weaponry and tactical gear.

However, James Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, has a response and call to action for those wary of a change.

“Perversely, a lot of the equipment that will stand up to that kind of armament, it’s availability is being reduced when it’s being needed most,” Pasco said.

On July 12, President Obama met with Pasco and the leaders of several other national police organizations to discuss this proposed increase in weaponry and defensive gear. The President and White House correspondents claimed police forces were receiving the equipment they need, and while certain equipment was being banned, other equipment is simply restricted and readily available to officers.

The White House correspondents put an emphasis on doing the correct paperwork to receive the needed equipment.

Police union leaders are pushing precincts to outfit their officers in thicker vests and helmets. However, the thicker vests do not fit under officers’ uniforms.

Experimental gear is being tested recently, like weaving the vest and uniform together.

The question still remains, are our officers under-prepared for the criminals they fight because of a lack of better tactical gear? Or are the proper channels not being used?

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